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Jining Medical College organized a doctoral team to carry out co construction activities in Yutai County


In order to enhance the vitality of village Party organizations, promote the mutual learning and promotion of school and village Party organizations, and comprehensively improve the level of grass-roots party construction. Recently, the school of medical engineering of Jining Medical College organized a doctoral team to send the first Secretary of the province to help Chendian village, Zhanghuang Town, Baocun village to carry out school Village joint construction activities.


The doctoral delegation visited the rural Confucian lecture hall in Chendian village, and had a discussion with members of the two village committees and Party members on "coordinating urban and rural grassroots party building and enhancing the vitality of village Party organizations".

During the activity, the doctoral team also visited Shandong Chenlong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Jining Fengrun Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Jining tongtuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. on the spot to discuss the difficulties of pharmaceutical technology and the specific contents of scientific and technological assistance with enterprise technicians.

Taking the first Secretary of the provincial Party as the link, this activity led the knowledge and technology assistance activities to Zhanghuang town through the platform of branch co construction, achieving the effect of "branch oriented co construction and accurate implementation of assistance".