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Shandong chemical industry strives to achieve five breakthroughs during the "14th five year plan" period


On February 22, at a press conference held by the Information Office of Shandong provincial government, Li Sha, the full-time deputy director of the special leading group office of Shandong chemical industry safety transformation and upgrading, introduced that in 2020, chemical enterprises above Designated Size in Shandong Province will achieve a main business income of 1.9 trillion yuan, continue to maintain the first place in the country, and achieve a profit of 81.49 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 36.5%. During the "fourteenth five year plan" period, efforts will be made to cultivate a hundred billion level chemical industry park, focusing on promoting the construction of a number of key projects, such as the integration of refining and chemical industry in Yulong Island, Tianchen Qixiang nylon new material, Yantai Wanhua high performance chemical new material, Binhua carbon three carbon four comprehensive utilization, etc.

Remarkable results have been achieved in the conversion of new and old kinetic energy

According to Li Sha, during the 13th Five Year Plan period, the chemical industry in Shandong Province has accelerated the transformation of new and old kinetic energy and achieved remarkable results, which are mainly reflected in four aspects.

First, the comprehensive strength remains ahead. In 2020, the province's chemical enterprises above Designated Size will achieve a main business income of 1.9 trillion yuan, and continue to maintain the first place in the country; the profit will be 81.49 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 36.5%; the output value of high-end chemical industry will account for 45% of the total chemical industry, and the industrial structure and operation quality will be improved.

Second, the industrial layout is more optimized. The number of chemical industry parks has been reduced to 84, forming a high-end chemical industry park with Lubei high-end petrochemical industry base as the main body, three industrial clusters of chemical new materials in the east of peninsula, Luzhong high-end salt chemical industry and Lunan modern coal chemical industry as the support, and the transformation demonstration area of chemical enterprises in Northwest Shandong and the petrochemical raw material distribution area near Huanghai port as the supplement The output value of the park accounts for 70% of the total chemical output value, and the industrial cluster effect is constantly emerging.

Third, the ability of innovation has been significantly enhanced. It has 6 national engineering technology research centers and 76 provincial engineering technology research centers, and has applied for 66000 invention patents in total; it has won 2 national scientific and technological achievements awards and 34 provincial awards; it has introduced and cultivated a large number of innovative leading talents.

Fourth, the level of green development has been significantly improved. The energy consumption per unit product of key industries has decreased significantly, and a number of domestic leading advanced energy-saving enterprises and "pacesetters" of energy efficiency and water efficiency have emerged, such as Hualu Hengsheng, Binhua group, Jingbo petrochemical and Luxi Chemical. Safe development and green development have become the development background of the whole industry.

Striveto achieve five breakthroughs during the 14th Five Year Plan Period

Li Sha said that the "fourteenth five year plan" period is the key period for Shandong's chemical industry to grow from big to strong. Shandong will strive to achieve five breakthroughs and create new advantages for the development of high-end chemical industry.

First, promote the park to achieve new breakthroughs. We will implement the optimization and upgrading project of the chemical industry park, accelerate the infrastructure construction of the park, and greatly enhance the carrying capacity of the park. Innovate the management system and mechanism, speed up the construction of smart Park, improve the industrial planning of the park, strengthen the management assessment of the park, establish the exit mechanism of the park, and gradually orderly exit the park with small industrial scale, low management level and poor development quality and efficiency. According to the international advanced level, efforts have been made to cultivate 100 billion level chemical industry parks, and a number of characteristic professional parks have entered the ranks of national strong areas.

The second is to promote new breakthroughs in scientific and technological innovation. We should pay close attention to the construction of innovation platform, build high-end Chemical Research Institute and collaborative innovation center, implement comprehensive strategic cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Petrochemical Federation, key universities and scientific research institutions around the key common technical problems of "sticking neck", organize joint tackling, constantly achieve breakthroughs, and enhance the endogenous power of industry development.

Third, new breakthroughs will be made in the construction of key projects. With the "four batch" project library as the starting point, relying on the major support projects of new and old kinetic energy conversion, we will focus on promoting the construction of a number of key projects such as Yulong Island refining and chemical integration, Tianchen Qixiang nylon new materials, Yantai Wanhua high performance chemical new materials, Binhua carbon three carbon four comprehensive utilization, so as to ensure that Yulong Island refining and chemical integration project is completed and reached production capacity on schedule, and a number of new fine chemical and chemical projects are completed Projects in the field of materials have become a new driving force for industrial development.

Fourth, new breakthroughs have been made in promoting intelligent transformation. The project of intelligent transformation and upgrading was launched in the chemical industry of the whole province. With the main line of "digitalization of production line, intellectualization of factory, operation informatization, intellectualization of park, platform of production chain and Ecological Cluster", the key industries were highlighted. Through pilot diagnosis, benchmarking, demonstration and promotion, the new generation of information technology was accelerated to be applied in chemical parks and chemical enterprises. By 2023, the whole industry will be fully developed The chemical enterprises above the provincial scale have basically completed the intelligent transformation, and the intelligent level of the whole industry has entered the advanced ranks in China.

Fifth, new breakthroughs should be made in promoting ecological optimization. Focusing on the reconstruction of industrial chain supply chain and the promotion of value chain innovation chain, focusing on refining and chemical integration, modern coal chemical industry, new chemical materials, functional chemicals, high-performance tires and other fields, we will highlight 10 chemical industry chains, formulate and issue the implementation plan of industrial chain promotion, strengthen the "pilot" leading enterprises, strengthen the financing development of large and medium-sized enterprises, and lead the capital, market, talent and technology Technology, information and other elements are integrated and gathered to improve the industrial collaborative development system and build an industrial ecology with obvious international competitive advantages.

In thefirst year of the game, we should do a good job in the three articles of "Guan, Sheng and Shu"

As the first year of the 14th five year plan, this year is also the key year for the high-quality development of high energy consuming industries. According to Li Sha, Shandong Province will resolutely implement the "three resolute" requirements, closely focus on the four key points of "de production capacity, optimal layout, structural adjustment, and promoting transformation", and coordinate the three articles of "pass, upgrade, and sparse".

First, we should resolutely eliminate backward kinetic energy and do a good job in "closing". This year, we will continue to push forward the capacity reduction of coking and chemical fertilizer industries, eliminating four coke ovens with the height of carbonization chamber less than 5.5m, reducing the coking capacity by 1.8 million tons, and eliminating 50 fixed bed gasifiers, reducing the capacity of synthetic ammonia by 550000 tons. At the same time, the "standard line" of high energy consuming industries should be strictly defined, and the production capacity that fails to meet the standard should be closed within a time limit, so as to speed up the clearance of the backward production capacity market.

Second, we should resolutely transform and enhance the traditional kinetic energy, and do a good job in "upgrading". Promote high energy consuming industries to rely on "pilot" enterprises to optimize the industrial ecology, work hard in forging long board, mending short board, industrial chain mending, extending chain and strengthening chain, and speed up the transformation and upgrading of traditional kinetic energy.

The refining and chemical industry, in accordance with the idea of "oil head turns into high-tech tail", aims at "triphenylenes" and high-tech functional chemicals, extends to the downstream of refining and chemical industry, and constantly improves the modernization level of petrochemical industry chain supply chain.

Coking industry, to promote the industry to the comprehensive utilization of coke oven gas, coal tar deep processing direction, improve the proportion of chemical products.

The chemical fertilizer industry should extend to the downstream coal based fine chemicals, increase the development and promotion of new functional fertilizers, and improve the added value of products.

In the chlor alkali industry, we should continue to strengthen the energy-saving transformation of chlor alkali plant to reach the domestic leading level, promote the extension of deep processing products to fine and high-end, improve the level of hydrogen energy development and utilization, and accelerate the coupling development of coal, salt and oil.

Tire industry, to create brand, high-end, green tire industry ecology, actively develop special tires, expand high-end tire product market, cultivate a number of enterprises and brands with strong competitiveness at home and abroad.

Third, we should firmly cultivate new kinetic energy and do a good job in "sparing". We will further accelerate the integration of steel and oil refining capacity, dredge the channel for transferring to coastal bases, cultivate a number of new energy projects with leading role, and build world-class industrial clusters.

Shandong Province will continue to promote the integration of local refining enterprises with less than 5 million tons but not realizing refining and chemical integration, and concentrate the production capacity to the high-end petrochemical industrial base in northern Shandong Province; spare no effort to do a good job in the construction of large-scale refining and chemical integration projects in Yulong Island, Wanhua ethylene, Weilian PX and other major projects; Guide local refining enterprises to implement the transformation of "reducing oil and increasing chemical", build, supplement and extend the chain to the field of fine chemical industry, create a new industrial mode of "oil head incarnating high chemical tail", and build a high-end petrochemical industrial base in northern Shandong with world influence.

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