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3.1 trillion! Shandong provincial key projects announced, involving these chemical projects


On February 15, on the fourth day of the first month, Qi Li, Secretary of Tongxiang municipal Party committee, went to Jushi to investigate. Zhang Yuqiang, secretary and President of China Jushi Party committee, chairman and CEO of Jushi group, received him warmly, accompanied by Zhu Weiqiang, member of Tongxiang Municipal Standing Committee.

Qi Li visited the intelligent Exhibition Center and listened to Zhang Yuqiang's report on the origin of glass fiber, enterprise development, internationalization strategy, product use, etc. In 1972, Zhang Yuqiang carried back the first drawing machine from Jiujiang glass fiber factory, and Jushi began his journey of glass fiber. From the first time of "laying the foundation", "the second time of" scale and level ", the third time of" internationalization ", to the current four times of" intellectualization ", Jushi has achieved the goal of leading the industry and the world.

At the forum, Zhang Yuqiang reported to Qi Li the development of Zhenshi and Jushi groups. Zhenshi, China's top 500 private enterprises, China Jushi, the single champion of glass fiber industry and the national mixed ownership enterprise, has made solid and effective achievements in foreign investment, foreign trade and foreign economy. Especially in 2020, under the influence of COVID-19, the two groups fly side by side in the most difficult year, achieving the best results in the most difficult year, realizing the best results in the most difficult year, and making the correct recognition, scientific response and initiative change.

Zhang Yuqiang expressed full confidence in the development of the two groups during the 14th Five Year Plan period. In the next five years, Jushi will not only keep the world first in roving felt cloth, but also realize the world first in spinning thin cloth. It will always lay out the glass fiber industry with a forward-looking vision, develop enterprises with intelligent manufacturing, and drive the transformation and upgrading of the world glass fiber industry with the attitude of industry leader.

At the same time, Zhang Yuqiang also put forward the difficulties encountered in the implementation of the development plan for the next five years, hoping that the municipal Party committee and municipal government can help solve them.

Qi Li said that he was excited by the achievements made by Zhenshi and Jushi in the past decades and the blueprint for development in the next five years. He said that Jushi, as a "main chain" enterprise in the industrial chain, has driven the development of the glass fiber industry cluster, and the glass fiber industry has great prospects. He said that the municipal Party committee and the municipal government will start from the problem orientation and take the result orientation as the conclusion. The government and enterprises should further carry out normalized, continuous and in-depth communication and exchange, sort out the existing difficulties and problems one by one, study operational comprehensive solutions, set up special work classes, concentrate their efforts, carry out centralized services, and give full play to the "chain oriented" enterprises The role of industry is to promote the high-quality development of Tongxiang's economy and society with the development of enterprises.

Xu Yongqiang, director of Tongxiang municipal Party committee office, Tu Jianzhong, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Tongxiang Economic Development Zone and Secretary of Gaoqiao Street Party committee, accompanied the investigation, and Yang Guoming, vice president of China Jushi and President of Jushi group, accompanied the reception.