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Yutai Economic Development Zone: investigation in Jining tongtuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd


On April 14, under the leadership of secretary Fuyan, the Ministry of planning and construction, the comprehensive service department, the propaganda department and other departments, together with the heads of the administrative examination and approval Bureau, the county natural resources and Planning Bureau, the Yutai branch of Jining Ecological Environmental Protection Bureau, the county housing construction Bureau and the County Emergency Management Bureau, went to Jining tongtuo Bio Technology Co., Ltd. for investigation and held a forum to listen to Jining tongtuo Bio Technology Co., Ltd Jiao Wenfeng, general manager of the company, made a report on the development, development planning and operation of the company, and made a special study on the land use index, construction and production procedures approval of the company.

On April 14, the fine chemical industry park accompanied the county's land, housing and construction departments to carry out a night inspection on the stopped chemical enterprises.

On April 15, the Fine Chemical Industry Park held the promotion meeting of the special inspection class to clarify the objectives and nodes of various tasks and accelerate the construction progress of the park's rectification project.

On April 15, the Organization Department went to the fine chemical industry park and some chemical enterprises to investigate the Party branch construction and Party building activities.

On April 15, the construction team of industrial pump industrial park went to Antai mine to hold the key work consultation and promotion meeting.

On April 15, Secretary Fuyan received investors from Jiangsu and Zhejiang to discuss logistics projects.

On April 16, the Propaganda Department publicized and reported the reform of the mechanism and system of the development zone to the county TV station.