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Summary of the latest key projects under construction in Jining City, Shandong Province in February 2021


New 30 ton teramycin industrialization project of emkejian (China) biomedicine Co., Ltd. power 1000 MW reconstruction project of Zouxian Power Plant of Electric Power International Co., Ltd. Shandong ruianhina Biotechnology Co., Ltd. annual output of 120000 tons of bio based fully degradable new materials and products project

4. Jining Shengtai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. constructs natural drugs, generic drugs R & D and industrial upgrading transfer construction projects

5. Renovation and upgrading project of construction granite with annual processing of 500000 square meters by Fushui Fulei Stone Co., Ltd

6. Recycling and dismantling of scrapped motor vehicles

7. Jining Changjiang water plant (phase II) project

8. Construction project of Shandong Jining Yuxin fine materials Co., Ltd

9. Kaiyuan Group Holding Co., Ltd. newly built 100000 t / a organic amine catalyst and curing agent, 1 million T / a polyurethane and epoxy resin chemical new material infrastructure construction (phase I) project

10. The construction project of Shandong Ruyi Technology Group Co., Ltd. covering an area of more than 10 mu

11. Sports goods production and processing project

12. Construction (phase II) project of Jining tongtuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. covering an area of 150 mu

13. 60000t / a biodegradable new material project of Shandong Ruian Biotechnology Co., Ltd

14. Construction project of 15000 T / a triazole, 5000 t / a sodium (potassium) triazole and 300000 t / a water purifier reagent of Shandong xiangshuo Chemical Co., Ltd

15. Roof photovoltaic power generation project of No.1 and No.2 coal storage yard in Jining Mining Logistics Park

16. 260000t dried noodles production line project of Shandong white elephant noodles Co., Ltd

17. Annual output of 1200 tons of 2-chloronicotinic acid and 360 tons of 2,3-difluoro-5-chloropyridine project of Wenshang happy new materials Co., Ltd

18. 30000t / a difluoromethane construction project of Shandong fuyongli Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

19. 10000 tons / a coating additive project of Shandong hongjingtong New Material Technology Co., Ltd

20. Steel structure production project

21. Yutai Kunyu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Yutai County Yucheng Changqing Food Industrial Park (phase I) construction project

22. International production base project of API and high-end preparations of Shandong Eglin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

23. The project of Shandong Huazhong new materials Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 7000 tons of silane coupling agent and pharmaceutical intermediates and 15000 tons of phosphate

24. Shandong Jianxing New Material Technology Co., Ltd. annual output of 25000 tons of tri (2-hydroxyethyl) isocyanurate product project

25. Jining Changjiang Water Works (phase I) project municipal water distribution pipeline extension project (EPC)

26. Jining infectious disease hospital Jining public health and medical center construction project (EPC)

27. Zoucheng Wenshi animal husbandry Co., Ltd

28. Project of Shandong GongDan New Material Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 6000 tons of functional monomer ethylene glycol acrylate

29. Wenshang County Fudu sewage treatment plant tail water constructed wetland water purification project (EPC)

30. Jining port shipping steel logistics processing base construction project

31. Annual output of 60000 tons of food additives and pharmaceutical raw materials (phase II) project of Shandong Jiake Biotechnology Co., Ltd

32. Modern agricultural warehousing and logistics center project of Jining Yanzhou Niulou Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd

33. Weishan domestic waste incineration power generation construction (phase II) project (BOT)

34. Intelligent manufacturing project of automotive electronic products of Qufu Tianbo Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd

35. Steel structure prefabricated building integrated production line project of Shandong Defu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd

36. Zhonggong Haina Machinery Industrial Park Project

37. Ice wheel intelligent new energy comprehensive utilization industrialization project

38. Houtun 150MW photovoltaic composite power generation project in Zhongxindian Town, Zoucheng

39. Shandong AIFUTE Technology Co., Ltd. covers an area of 100 mu

40. 30000 T / a plant protectant construction project of Shandong Xinxing Biotechnology Co., Ltd

41. Chromatographic analysis material project of Shandong Bangkai New Material Co., Ltd

42. Construction project of integrated medical care and standardized comprehensive building of luotun town health center in Yutai County (EPC)

43. Urban and rural water supply improvement project in Weishan County

44.50000 tons grain storage logistics project of Liangshan Jinfeng grain and oil storage Co., Ltd

45. Pollution control project of coal yard closed transformation

46. Upgrading project of water supply and drainage in Binhu District of Weishan County

47. Comprehensive building, maintenance building and outdoor supporting project of Yutai Second People's Hospital (EPC)

48. Shandong Boyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd

49. Annual output of 20000 sets of dispensing machines and mechanical plastic spraying parts processing (phase II) project

50. Zoucheng Limin rehabilitation and elderly care center (North District) - outdoor landscape project of mengzihu District of Zoucheng people's Hospital